All our ovens are designed to produce better results where it really counts on the plate. Great performance is guaranteed with our cooktops, from a searing heat to a subtle simmer.

Oven features and benefits

Removable trivets

Our trivets are strong enough to hold the heaviest of cookware. They can be removed and easily slot back into place.

Easy to clean

A smooth finish plus removable control knobs and trivets make cleaning easy. For best results, wipe away any spills with a damp cloth once the cooktop has cooled down.


Large manual control knobs give you precision when setting the temperature. Each burner provides even heat distribution for perfect cooking.

Controls up front

Controls at the front of the cooktop allow more space between each burner, giving you more options to use larger cookware and multiple burners at once.

* NB - Not all features on this page are on all models. Please refer to the product user manual for the features that apply to your model.



600mm stainless steel electric cooktop


600mm stainless steel gas cooktop


600mm stainless steel gas cooktop


700mm stainless steel gas cooktop


900mm stainless steel gas cooktop