Our ovens are built for Australasian cooking and Australian cooks. Generous in capacity they can cope with the largest dinner party, no dramas. Delivering outstanding performance, they'll even help clean themselves with a pyrolytic system, turning residue food into ash, to be wiped away later without a rubber glove in sight.

Oven features and benefits

Telescopic shelves

Strong enough to hold even the heaviest cookware, our telescopic shelves effortlessly glide in and out for easy loading and checking of your meal's progress.

Large cooking capacity

Our large capacity ovens allow you to cater for even the biggest of dinner parties. Completely adjustable shelving gives you the flexibility to accommodate all types of cookware with ease.

Triple glazed door

Three layers of glass keeps heat in so your food cooks quickly and efficiently. Triple glazing also limits the amount of heat that can escape, so the door remains cool to touch.

Easy to clean

Removable doors, side racks, and easy clean interiors allow food particles to be easily wiped away, whilst sensor touch controls allow the exterior to be wiped clean. Our pyrolytic ovens heat to high temperatures turning food residue into ash, which can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth once the oven has cooled.

* NB - Not all features on this page are on all models. Please refer to the product user manual for the features that apply to your model.

TB60FDTSS-5 600mm stainless steel built in oven
TB86MSS-3 600mm stainless steel built in oven
TB70FSS-2 750mm stainless steel built in oven
TB90FSS-5 900mm stainless steel built in oven